Wednesday, November 26, 2008



  • This is Buttons. Shes the smallest in the bunch...but youngest.. im not so sure. Apparently some thoughtless people one day dumped this poor fella in a completely sealed box filled with nasty looking bread bits and decided to place it at the doorstep of my dad's clinic. The nerve of some its pretty hard to determine her exact age.. Anyways she is well taken care of now that shes with me and i am very happy to have her entertaining me at times...but sometimes she sure can be a real bugger=.=

  • The thing with her is that she loveees having tonns of attention on her shoulders...soo..the pestering begins..when you are doing work, she jumps up to your lap, and will literally tap you with her left paw (i find this really cute and interesting actually hehe=D) to ask for pattings...

as you can see...she loves to steal people's seat....the minute you get up, she will take it away from you..and she will sleep there all day long..sigh...

and...if she cant steal your seat..well..she will sit like this=.="..

up to no good as usual

  • Also, another thing you should know about her is that she is really mischeivious..she always on the move and is always busy looking for things to do and stuff to play with.. Her favourite "toy box" id say, is the rubbish bin. she loves to dig up scrunched up papers and bits of plastic and steal them and run off somewhere where she can play with them..if only she knew how to put them back into the bin after she's done playing with it...sigh..

Stealing a spoon

She always steals my dad's pens...and you will never see it again once she's taken them..

  • Oh yea, she always does this "meow" thing that i find really strange.. but cute..its like her signature meow or something..and she only does it when you start making the "meowing" sound or when you dangle something in front of her..her eyes will become huge and she will start doing her meow..well..since she refuses to respond to her name, calling her with this "meow" sound might just get her attention..and thats a good thing for me when i want to call her=D

Sunday, November 23, 2008



2006 Baby Bullet!!
  • This fluff ball here is a real timid one...till the point where she becomes untouchable to humans..and hence the name Bullet. If you try to for a second lay a finger on her, you will be spending the rest of your time plastering conclusion, it is not a pleasant idea to touch her...especially for strangers and people shes not familiar with(but then again, she will just probably take cover wayy before the humans can even lay their eyes on her). I do not know why shes always so scared...she's pretty okay with me though..she will come to me when i call her.. and she allows me to touch her (except her stomach)...but i have to admit it wasn't very exciting trying to get her convinced..and it took me quite awhile( a couple of years in fact) to finally get her to allow me to touch her. i am still trying to carry her...but that is still a work in progress and i don't think i will be able to hug this fuzzy any time now considering the fact that she is still afraid, scary looking, and can just about scratch you at an any possible moment=S

She loves to sleep like that^^...and she will look all relaxed and will give me that "show off" look....but when the camera starts getting closer..

...Her eyes start getting bigger! then that is just creeepy and scary o_0

okay, just so you know..this is still Bullet...shes a little..umm...balding heheh...caused by Babyboy and his grumpiness. Babyboy is naughty...i dunno why he keeps disturbing her...anyways...this is the unfortunate result...the good news is...her fur is growing back..the bad news is..only the front part of her body is furried for the back and the tail..well..

i call it a coconut tree^^..and its been like that for as long as i remember so i dont think it will be growing fur anytime soon.

Saturday, November 22, 2008



  • Well..what can i say about this little dear...first of all, shes the "oddball" in her batch..unlike her other brother and sisters, she's black, orange and white..tri-colour i would call it..
  • honestly, i would say she aint the friendliest cat in the times you will find her scratching away and swinging her moodiness at her siblings.. dunno why she does that but i figured that that's just her character?=S


  • oh yeah and she can be demanding at times..especially when it comes to patting her and stroking her...actually most of my cats are demanding when it comes to stroking...but she...she will literally and i mean literally bash her head at you just so you can pat her...and you must pat her otherwise the continuous head butting will carry on...and ohhhh i can guarantee you its pain...especially if she does it to ure head=S..not the best thing in the world id say.



  • This is Whitteny...shes pure white..shes really quirky and can be silly at times...but shes a cute one none the you can see, unlike Tweenie, shes got a "i dunno what you're talking bout" look haha..but shes still lovable in her own way..
  • shes got blue eyes...a lighter shade of blue compared to Tweenie.. and the markings on her head..not the same pattern as Tweenie and Babyboy' say it looks more like "dirt" stuck on her head haha..and unlike Tweenie's and Babyboy's obvious grey patches...whit's one is more


her reaction to wearing an "e-collar"



  • Bout tweenie...well first of all she looks similar to her brother Babyboy...has got the same markings on their heads..except a tiny difference..their marks are how do you call it..symmetrical?..


  • Shes the gentle one in the gang..rarely scratches people... She doesn't have the same eyes as Babyboy though..both of her eyes are blue and she looks lovely=)

in 2005

my brother crushing the poor dear..she looks like a chipmunk hahaha but still cute^^

in 2006, when she used to love consuming this sort of paste like substance that prevents cats from getting fur balls..yeap she will eat it straight riight out of the tube

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


  • My one and only male cat.

My Babyboy has got big round special eyes, of which one side is yellow and the other side is blue^_^

The pictures above were taken when he was much younger; probably around 2005-2006, when he had a more obvious marking on his head...see:

...and his head was smaller then

2006- this i what happens when i refuse to stroke him...he will sit riight on top of my work=.="..and for a really long time too...

2006- trynna sniff the camera

2006- my cats all love a good stretch=)